Overabundance of tomatoes and apples

I live in a farming community in Ukraine. My husband and I help at a church. The church members have blessed us with an overabundance of tomatoes and apples from their farms....


Apple or Tomato recipes??

Help!! My 4 year old had a field trip yesterday to an apple orchard and braught home a backpack full of apples lol I need some apple recipes. Also am looking for any new...


Favorite Dinner Your Whole Family Eats

I'm looking for dinner ideas to post on my cooking website at www.onefamilyonemeal.com. I'm hoping you'll share your favorite dinner ideas with me that you can get everyone in...


Chorizo & penne Pasta

(Finally a pasta dish you can enjoy & not feel guilty about) Ingredients 1 sml pk Whole grain Penne 2/3 Cooked chorizo Sauseges ( Or your fav Sausege) 1 onion 4/6...


for fun....whats your fav sandwich??

i might be inspired by the smell of bacon cooking, or the junk food thread or the history of the sandwich i watched last night (i am layed up with a sore foot and watching some...

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Chicken Recipe's under $10?

Hey all, I'm looking for chicken recipe's you can create for under $10 Post your favorite or as many as you like The more the better :) Thanks Melissa...



need some good recipes for hambuger....i am tired of the same old stuff wanna try something new...



i know avacadoes go well with chicken. What else do they go well with?

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Would love some recipes for fish!

I absolutely love fish, and I cook it a few times a month. My problem is that I am not a very creative cook, and I don't know very much about cooking fish. Does anyone have...


Need leftover taco meat recipes

Hi everyone, my husband just made taco salad for a men's dinner the other night, but has lots of taco meat leftover. I don't want to have taco salad all week. Do you have any...


Crock Pot Recipes... I need some

I just started a home base business..its new to me(this business)...so I'm on computer alot...I would like to spend as little time as possible cooking..I really need some yummy...


Milk free and salt free recipes?

Does anyone have any milk free or salt free recipes that taste good? I have a daughter who is allergic to milk and another daughter who cannot have salt. I'm running out of...


vegetarian meals for two year old twins

Need quick and harmlessly simple things to whip up for my twin bunnies. They like pastas and foods they can feed themselves and i need to not take long. thanks for any ideas do...