is there another treatment besides the store bought meds.....it kills the lice....but not the nits...i am forevr picking them out...and the nit comb does not get them...her hair...

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Head lice!

Alright so I've just been advised that one of the little girls in my care has head lice. We have checked our children (girl 7 and boy 2) and also advised the other parents but...


Head lice.

My daugher has very thick hair and the nits that are laid are so small I find them very hard to get out. I have you 2 differnt lotions on her hair and still found live lice and...


My daughter has lice

Hey gals, To make a long story short-my 6 year old daughter has been fighting with head lice for 3 weeks now and I just discovered some more on her head today. Just when I...

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Dreaded head lice eggs...

Anyone know how to get rid of head lice eggs? A way that they just fall out! The combing method is tyring. My daughter gets sick of this method and gets restless. Thank you :)

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Lice, 6 and 8 Year Olds

About 2 Weeks Ago My 8 Year Old Step Daughter Got Lice, I Completely Cleaned My House and Checked Me and My Boyfriend. Today My 6 Year Old Step Daughter Has Lice. What Can Be...

Started by Melissa on 11/29/2010 in Moms Under 30

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The best to treat head lice in long curly hair

My 6 year old Daughter has long very curly hair (Like Michael Jackson's Fro) and I am treating her all the time for head lice and I seem to not get on top of it, I have tried so...

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Lice.. How to make sure they don't come back!

My 2 daughters seem to have Lice ever other week. I go through their hair every few days with a lice comb and use Tea tree oil in their hair once a week. i don't know what else...

Started by Melissa on 06/23/2009 in School-Age Kids

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25 all time favorite Mom Confessions

http://thestir.cafemom.com/baby/122847/25_alltime_favorite_mommy_confessions Here are some of my favorite mommy confessions. (With one of my very own.) Can you relate? 1. I'm...

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Bath once a week?

As a kid I always had a bath once a week, or a shower when I was older. When I went through puberty my mom said twice a week, or every other day or so was good. With my son I...


What does your kids haircut say about you?

We just got back from the kiddo haircut spot, and my daughter is stoked. Not about her hairstyle, but about the free toys they give "good" kids, and the glitter they sprinkle...

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