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Baby tub?

Is it time for no tub at 15 months? or is the a tub that exists for Toddlers that age? I'm thinking I could just put a no-slip mat in the tub and bath him that way...Jr is...


need advice about bath time

Mommy's I need help. my little girl loved bath time. We even started giving her showers. I've always taken a bath with her. She was in her baby tub til she turned 20 months....

Started by Chrissy on 05/16/2011 in March 2009 Babies

Last update on 05/19/2011 by Katherine


bumbo seat in the bathtub?

Has anyone used the bumbo seat in the bath tub? my daughter does like to sit and she always is standing in the bath and it usually takes two of us to bath her and her sister.......


activities to do with my daughter

Hi... my daughter is 15 months old and has progressed from walking to running... i am looking for any and all ideas of some fun activities that i can do with her for learning...

Started by Amanda on 10/29/2009 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 10/29/2009 by J**


Making my own baby food...

I'm plainning on making my own baby food. Any suggestions on if I should go with a food processor or one of the babyfood kits? Also, which food processor do you all recommend?


Lessons that slip by...

To the parents out here with older kids: Have you ever had one of those moments when your child asks you a question about something that they REALLY should have learned by now...


diaper pails??

I am planning to use cloth diapers with my little one. Any suggestions on what kind of a diaper pail I should buy? How often are you emptying/washing etc.



I am curious as to how other 17 month olds handle bathtime. My son is so mechanical and loves to learn how things work, so I basically fill the bathtub for him to empty it as...


Baby getting bored with toys

Hello there... I'm a first time mom. Can anyone help me with ideas to keep my LG busy. Her toys is og no interest to her. She plays 1min max. with a toy. Give her...

Started by Sorita on 12/14/2009 in March 2009 Babies

Last update on 12/28/2009 by Beck


Must Haves for 1st Birthday

Hey Ladies! Our children are going to be turning one pretty soon, and I was wondering, what are the toys that are "must-haves" for your one-year olds? I would like to get some...


Full time stay at home moms, please help!

I've been at home with my son now who is 9 months since he was born, and I am also expecting baby #2. Currently a vehicle is not available and we are lucky to get out of the...

Started by Kim on 07/07/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 08/28/2012 by Samantha


What a waste?!?!

What baby Item did you just have to have the u later realized was totally unnecessary. For me id have to say my Bumbo, and my Boppy.

Started by Sarra on 03/26/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 03/28/2010 by Julia


Is it ok to leave a 5yr old in bathtub alone?

My 5 yr old son recently decided that he needs privacy from ALL women, including me! I understand his need, but since my husband can't always be here to do it I was wondering...

Started by Tracie on 01/24/2010 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 11/26/2012 by Amy


New Scrapbook Room

My name's Lori and I just joined this community. After a fire last year, I reclaimed an area of the basement. It was perfect timeing (is that possible in the same sentence as...

Started by Lori on 07/23/2009 in Scrapbooking Moms

Last update on 07/27/2009 by Sharon


17 month old and sippy cups

I have posted several times but I'm just getting really stressed out about my 17 month old not wanting anything to do with a sippy cup. I have tried every brand there is and...

Started by Brandy on 04/28/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 05/06/2009 by Heather

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