Energy saving Light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs (CFLS) contain murcury, give off radiation, and can cause or increase many health Problems such as muscle and joint pain, headaches, nausea, sleep...


Light Bulbs

I buy the energy saving lightbulbs. My bill has decreaed by 100.00 per month, and I live in Houston , Tx were it is always hot.

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Energy Saving Tips

1. Let the Sun Shine In during the winter. Open window coverings during the day to let in the warmth of the sun, and close them at night. Keep the Sun Shine out during the...

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Save your energy, save your money

With all of us trying to save a little here and there, being a little more cautious of how we use the energy in our home will save you money. Here are a couple ideas that...

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energy bill

My husband decided to swap out ALL of our regular light bulbs to the energy efficient light bulbs. We went from our average bill of $70-$120 a month to a bill for the last 3...

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saving electricity

I am replacing all the light bulbs in my house with compact flourescent bulbs. They cost a bit more up front, but they last for years and use considerably less energy.

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saving money

we save money on electric by turning off everything when its not inuse part from the fridge freezer and we use energy saving bulbs which helps keep down the electricity bill.

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money saving

turning everything off after you use it, turning the heat down low when you leave the house. using energy saving light bulbs

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Saving Money

It sounds corny, but it helps....turning off the lights in the house that are not being used,try not to excessively using water...not running the dishwasher til its totally...

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How to save money this winter

Even with a constant flow of information about energy efficiency, homeowners make major heating mistakes that end in higher electric bills and larger environmental footprints....

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Your Money Saving Tips

I wanted to continue Kristen's original thread since this forum doesn't really have anything besides ads for lame "work at home" and such discussion topics. What do you and...

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Needing tips on how to SAVE money!

I'm wanting to start saving money or at least putting a little back but being self employeed and just starting out I really don't have anything to start saving with! I need tips...

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We have changes all our light bulbs to energy saver light bulbs to lower our electricity bill.

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Changed all of the bulbs in the house over to the energy saving ones

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electric bills

I heard if you unplug everything you don't use very often you will save quite a lot on your bill. Even if you don't want to unplug everything, it seems that if you even just...

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Dangers to watch out for

If anyone is interested in my Group it's called Dangers to watch out for. I just started it but i think it could be very helpful once it really gets going and different people...

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Looking for Green ideas.

I was wondering if any one had any tips for making my home a little more 'green' and saving on my utility bills? We already do a lot of the obvious ones: 5 minute(or less)...


Lower your electric bill

We just moved from minnesota to oklahoma and were shocked by how much higher our electric bill is here! I started unplugging everything like microwave at night, lamps we don't...

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