enfamil prosobee yes or no???

so now our doctor suggest using PROSOBEE. kinda scared because we have been on too many different formulas already. i purchased one can today, started feeding around 3pm & he...

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Enfamil soy vs. Similac soy?

Is there any difference at all? My son is on the Gentlease Enfamil right now but not doing very good so I am switching to soy but not for sure if one is better at all.


Soy Formula

What is the best SOY formula? I have been using Enfamil ProSobee but he isn't seeming to digest it very well he is 11 weeks old and the dr still is not sure yet if he is lactose...


Soy Anyone?

Hello, I am a first time mom to my 7wk old baby boy. It seems like he was not adjusting to any formula so we just switched to Enfamil ProSobee. Does anyone know if this is...

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Soy Formula???

Just wondering if anyone has tried Soy formula on their babies? If so what brand & what was it like for your baby?? Did they have any trouble passing stools? Do they get...


Switching from soy to milk based

I have my 3 month old on enfamil prosobee and she has some stinky gas and stools, and I read that you shouldn't have your baby on soy unless she has a milk allergy or you plan...


Best soy based formula?

I have been successfully giving my twin boys expressed breastmilk for the past 6 months. I've had enough milk for both (65 to 70 oz per day) with a bit to spare until the past...


Milk and soy allergies

My pediatrician has told me that my son has milk and soy allergies. He is a breastfed baby. At about 2 months he had horrible reflux and I noticed blood in his stools. The dr...

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my baby is always throwing up. Why?

My son will be 3 month may 18th. He throws up almost after every feeding. Even after he burps and all the way up to the next feeding time. The doctor recommended formula changes...


Tips on how to help babies with colic??

I have a 7 week baby girl who is colic and we switched formula that seemed to help a little but it just seems to happen in the early evening threw the night until she is so...

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Clumpy Formula?

Hi Everyone! I have a formula question. I had used Enfamil for a few weeks until I ran out, then I switched over to Similac since I had a coupon to use...and I noticed that...


nan 3

My baby has been having diarrhoea every morning after taking nan 3.which formula do u ladies recommend.hes been taking nan 3 since he was 6 weeks