Slow Cooker Pork Roast recipes

I am looking for a good pork roast recipe for the slow cooker. My husband purchased the roast the other day and I just want to try a new recipe but I am having problems finding...


crock pot recipes

I am a mom that works the night shift. Are ther any good recipes I can make with the crock pot while I sleep a couple of hours when I get off work?


Venison anyone?

Does anyone have some recipies or marinades for venison? My husband packed our deep freezed with a ton of venison and I am looking for some good recipies. My husband seems to...



I don't have many recipes of my own yet...looking to find some new ideas!



I need to know what the easiest way to make meatloaf is. I mean bare min. that is needed.


Meat loaf ?

need a good recipe..idea's? gotta make my man smile please.



looking for some recipes for boneless porkchops an with the bone. Please my husband loves porkchops but im getting tired of the same old recipes.


Chicken Dinner in Foil

Chicken Dinner in Foil 2 1/2 to 3 lb frying chicken, quartered salt and pepper 1 package gravy mix or 1 envelope onion or chicken soup mix 1 1/2 cups frozen mixed...


Looking for two things

I am looking for a good meatloaf recipe I tried one a friend gave me and it had no real flavor Spicy is okay I am also looking for a chicken spagetti recipe my husband raves...


Need help having dinner ready

My Finace and I just put our boys in a new day care near where my fiance works, but is about 30 minutes from home. So they dont get home until 630-700 which is late for them, we...


healthy food

i need a few recepies 4 healthy food as iv jus had a baby and have few problems wit my stomach i cant eat anything greasy or spicy and im gettin fed up with eating the same...