essure permanent birth control

I am considering essure permanent birth control. I am not concerned with the fact that it is permanent. My husband and I already have three children. I do not want mentally, or...


Essure - Permanent Birth Control

My husband and I are undecided about having another baby, but I know the time will come when we have to decided on a permanent birth control. I have got information from the...

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Essure - Permanent Birth Control

My husband and I haven't decided if we want to have more kids yet, but I know that soon we will have to talk about permanent birth control options. I'm looking for women who...

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Essure permanent birth control

Hello after having my twin girls I decided to have the essure procedure done .. My husband and I where happy with are 4 children in total. The procedure went very well until...



My husband an I have decided we are done having children, and I am considering getting Essure as permanent birth control. Has anyone esle gotten it? Any reasons I should not do...



I am 26 years old with a 14 month old son, I dont want anymore kids so I am going for my pre-op tomorrow to get the Essure put in. For those of you who don't know it is a...

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Adiana Permanent Birth Control

Has anyone tried Adiana yet? I am thinking about it, but it is so new that there is virtually no first hand info on-line. If you know anyone who has tried it, could you put me...

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Scared of Permanent Birth Control

My husband and I have decided we aren't going to have anymore kids our 3 daughters are getting big and I want to be able to enjoy their childhood not always have a new baby to...


Permanant Birth control...

I am looking for a form of permanant birth control that does not involve surgery. My husband wants me to get something done because I have trouble with my periods anyway and was...


has anyone had ESSURE?

i have just stumbled across this contraceptive, can anyone tell me anything about it? has anyone had it? any problems? i am 25 and done with my pigeon pair, it seems easier than...


Birth Control

Just curious as to the type of birth control you mommies have been using. I'm currently using Mirena (IUD) but am getting it removed for personal reasons.

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birth control

i was just wondering if any one has birth control now? and what kind? i was on pills for a while but now nothing, i was thinking of getting the mirena but i dont know prices....