does anyone have an IUD done?

im try to find the best contraceptive for me. I tried the depo shot and got pregnant twice on it! what's the pro's an con's

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Adiana Permanent Birth Control

Has anyone tried Adiana yet? I am thinking about it, but it is so new that there is virtually no first hand info on-line. If you know anyone who has tried it, could you put me...

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tubal fear

I'm having my tubes tied after my baby is born (july 20th). Because it's not a c-section they're going through my belly button, and I'm affraid that I'm going to chicken out....

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Reliable/Affordable BC

My husband and I have two children.We planned the 1st but the 2nd was a birth control baby.I originally wanted 3 kids but now I know that we can not afford another child.My 2nd...

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What have you heard?

I am getting my tubes tied on the 12th. I have 2 wonderful children, 4 yr old boy and a 3 month old girl...I am done having children. I was curious if anyone has gotten...


Tubes tied or IUD?

I am investigating the possibility of getting my tubes tied and all the information I find on the internet is very negative, yet my doctor insists that there are no side effects...


is there a chance i

I had a tubal ligation in August of 2008 when I delivered my son via c section. I am now a week late and worried that it could have failed.. Is there a chance I could b pregnant?


About he I.U.D??.. = 0 )

okay so b4 i had my 4th child i had the IUD put in. i was really excited about the whole thing but my body rejected it. i thought i had a miscarriage. the blood clot was about...

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I had my daughter 10 years ago and Oct 2nd I had my son. I made the decision with my husband to get a tubal done since we have our daughter and now our son. Well I had it done...

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