Oh Holy Hell!

Well Ladies.... I just found out that I'm pregnant on Dec 23rd, (the day before my birthday) and I'm assuming that I'm probably 5 weeks ish. Nobody knows except Jon, of...

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Have you ever yelled at a stranger?

I ran out of a script and I KNOW I didn't take more than was prescribed, besides it was an anti-depressant. I went to go see what was wrong and they told me I took too much. I...


Poop Everywhere!!!!

My 2 year old has a steady habit of taking off her diapers. She has now taught her 1 year old sister how to do it. They now take off their poppie diapers and continue to smear...


Unreasonable technology restrictions?

I guess it is time for this year's post on the same stupid topic...technology restrictions. So, here's some background, I guess: I'm a freshman in high school who goes to a...

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Just wondering ...

Just wondered if anyone would like to share stuff with me like .. How old were you when you found out you were pregnant? How old were you when your baby was born? How long were...


Expecting identical twin boys! Questions inside.

Is anyone else in the same boat, or been there? I have a two year old daughter and this is a very unexpected pregnancy. After finding out I was expecting twins, I thought I was...

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My mom remarried my molester.

Im going to try to make a long story shorter. I was molested when I was 12 by my step dad. I told my mom when I was 13. She divorced him but went back with him. She left with...

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Am I wrong?

My baby's father comes in and out of the picture all the time. My son is 8 months old. He doesnt pay for him, and when hes around its for about 20 min and he pays very little...


Then they came for me (?)

Spin-off from S&P AAA downgrade... -- Do you think our fear (often fed by extremist media) and demonization of the “other” (insert “left” or “right” – whatever is...