Im sooo torn, Dont know what to do????

my almost 8 year old son is a wrestler… he’s been doing it for almost 4months now, and he is REALLY good…Im not just saying that because he’s my son…LOL He is number...

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Clingy 18 month old

My daughter has recently become very clingy, all she wants is me, not even daddy will do these days. I left her in a creche this morning while I went to a class and they said...

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need help teaching my son

okay my son is 11 months old, he can walk, say mama, dada, nuh,nuh (no) yuh yuh(yes) na na (his gma) he knows what a hat is he knows the meaning of no, he shakes his head no but...

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My 13 yr. old and Birth Control

My daughter just turned 13 on the first of June and we are going to the doctor on the 17th to have her put on birth control. The reason; she is having extremely painful periods...

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May babies 2009

would like to hear some stories about other babies... I have a 5 year old boy and an 8 month old girl, both born in May!

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My son recently turned 1 in february and his tongue tied. REcently he has become extremely constipated and every poopy is rock hard with blood iv given him over the counter...


I feel like a failure

I am so tired of the complaints about my 6 year old at school. I have now taken him to an OT at the schools request because im so afraid that they will ask me to remove him from...

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new baby on the way

My son was 2 in november. He is still within normal for speech and understanding but just a little on the later side...we are going to have another baby in august. i keep trying...

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My daughter is confused

Hi there,im a 25y mum and my daughter is confused,she doesnt understand y her brother dont live with her and y my mother keep telling her im sick wen she can c im not how do i...


How to keep my sanity with two toddlers

Here's what I mean by the title. I'll give you a run down of a day in my shoes. My husband lost his license for 5 years, we have 2 years left to go. I live in GA but my husband...

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