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Three Kids, and Fiance works 5 days a week!

How can I put my kids on a schedule when my oldes wont nap, and has never napped since whe was 2? I need time to clean and I cant when there running all over the house and wont...

Started by Desirae on 05/19/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 05/21/2009 by Sara


Should hubby help out even though he works?

I have been seeing a lot of posts on this. Moms are saying dad comes home and either plays a game or watches TV. Doesn't help clean, change the baby, play with the kids, get...

Started by Katherine on 09/06/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 09/10/2011 by Mrs.


Fiance wants me to be a SAHM!

I have worked since I was in 5th grade! I have a 4 yr old daughter, who will be starting K-4 this fall. My son is 3.5wks old. I am a workaholic, I go crazy after 4 days w/o...


so me and my fiance were talking

one of his good friends and her man are having a problem getting ready to seperate because they are sick of eachother, he asked me if i had a backup plan just in case we didnt...

Started by Breanna on 03/18/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 04/13/2010 by Danielle


My Fiance thinks his job is harder then mine

My fiance came home one day asking me what my problem was and when I told him he was like I would much rather have your job then mine. He claims that him working 10 hours a day...

Started by Rachel on 01/05/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 12/07/2012 by Kayla


I HATE my fiances mom!

We had Ethan March 24th, he has been the best baby I could ever be blessed with!!!! His baptism was this past Sunday (Fathers Day) and we had a little get together at his moms....

Started by Michelle on 06/22/2010 in March 2010 Babies

Last update on 08/11/2010 by Shaunna


Fiance not helping with the kids

i am currently a stay home mom and i have two boys one is 3 and the other one is 8mths. All my fiance ever wants to do is play video games. He thinks just because he works that...


Fiance' won't commit!!!!!!

The main reason I'm at my breaking point today is that my now ex-fiance just won't committ to his family, won't get us a place to live won't take care of us and just wants to...

Started by Erin on 07/18/2012 in Single Moms

Last update on 08/17/2012 by Brittany


Fiance attending a STAG

what are you thoughts on your Fiance.boyfriend.husband attending a Stag? im normally not insecure and i give my man freedom but he is the best man for his friends wedding this...


Should i leave my fiance?

My fiance of one year has been doing repeated dumb stuff. Its more betraying than dumb i guess. I dunno if it's something wrong w me or him. Anyways, i decided to ask him if...


BM throws fiance in jail-wrongfully

Im pretty tired of the name calling that my SK wants to come home back to our house and call me such names. I so want to tell the BM say it to my face!!! Im so mad at her im...

Started by Bri on 05/26/2011 in Step Moms

Last update on 05/27/2011 by Penny

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