Is The Formula Right?

Hi. My daughter is 4 months old. Pretty much since she was born (minus 2 weeks when I tried to Breastfeed) she's been fed on Sma Gold. She always brought up quite a bit of...


About formula feeding

My baby is 4months 4days old. She weighs 5.04. She is taking 3fl.oz formula for every two hours. But my baby is not getting enough weight. M I giving correct quantity to her r...


how much does formula cost?

I'm about to switch my baby from breast milk to formula. My supply is starting to run low and I'm afraid he's not getting the nutrition he needs. I'm just wondering how much I...


What formula you give to your preemie?

My son was born in 35 weeks, his birth weight 4lbs 6oz. Now he is almost 5 months old and weight only 9lbs 8oz, we have trouble to make him gain weight. Im giving him Alimentum,...

Started by Sammi on 10/01/2010 in Moms Of Preemies

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How often can you change formula?

I have 3 different types of formula. Does it hurt her if i ran out of one and use a different kind? She is on Similac for gas and fussiness and is doing well but I have 2 other...


How much is your baby eating?

I'm concerned with my daughters weight! She seems smaller than all the other babies her age. She eats a small amount of breakfast in the morning with some breast milk. Then she...

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How much should my baby eat?

Hello! My baby is just over 3 weeks old, he weighed 9lb 15oz at birth so he is a big fella! I was just wondering if anyone knows how much food he should take in a 24hr...


Best way to get veggies in!!!!!!!

My daughter is 10 months old and loves this! She recently stopped wanting to be spoonfed and only wants finger foods......try this...I guarantee a happy and full baby! I did egg...


Adult Food

My son is 8 months old and he refuses to eat his own food when I am eating my food. He barely wants to eat his own at all anymore. But he still wants to have a bottle twice a...


Do you recieve WIC?

What do the WIC checks provide for children about 8 months old through the different state? Florida just changed their WIC, and now we recieve 8 cans of formula/month, 36 jars...


Feeding in a typical day

I was just curious to know what do you feed your 11 month old in a day? I'm thinking that I'm underfeeding my son but not sure what is the right amount to feed him.


Cow's Milk

When is it good to start giving cow's milk? Most people say wait til the one year mark, but then I have also heard that is mostly for nutrition sake. It would be nice to start...

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how many bottles

hi my lttle girl of just 10 months is on 3 bottles a day around 180 mls plus her food at breakfast lunch and dinner. just wondered what everybody elses little ones were on at...