how do i get my 4 month old to sleep on their own? i give her the dummy to help her go to sleep but it takes about an hour for her to fall asleep any tips?


Need Advice

Hi I have a 13 month old girl and i'm still breast feeding.Now she is on 25th percentile,and refuses to take solids.Doc told that by reducing the breast feeding,she may eat...


I need help!!!

Ok so my little princess just turned 1 on the 14th and she still nurses at night...ALL NIGHT LONG. I am exhausted. She literally wakes up crying almost every hour, and when I...

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How do you dress your baby for bed?

In these warm summer months I'm just curious what your little ones are wearing to bed. I still dress my son in his footy pjs at night but leave off the blanket. During the day...


another sleep question

I know I've created this problem myself, but if anyone has any suggestions, please help! My baby girl will be 6 months old tomorrow. Since she was born, I've held her all night...


How long did you wrap your baby??

How long did you swaddle wrap your baby and what are some good techniques you used to get your baby use to sleeping without being wrapped? My son wont sleep unless he is wrapped...


Bad case of MUMMY-LITIS!!!!

Ok so im at my wits end now,my 7 week old refuses to go to daddy or granny.She screams her lungs out and when i eventually take her she immediately settles down.She refuses for...


I need some advice please...

Hi! I am new this site as of today. My sweet little girl is 7 1/2 months old and I am a first time mommy who stays at home and breastfeeds. I am with my little girl 24/7 and...

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Cry It Out??? - HELP!

I need help! Has anyone use d a Cry It Out method with their babies and how old were they? My situation: My son is 5.5 months old and we've swaddled him since birth - he's now...