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I hate myself.

I don't know what is happening to me all of a sudden. To be honest with you, ever since Brett Favre cheated on his wife... I haven't been able to like myself at all because all...

Started by Rachel on 10/22/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 07/29/2013 by Wendy


better introduce myself

Hi all, I'm a first time mum of an 8 and a bit month old. i live in New Zealand, am currently a SAHM, have just about finished my psychology degree (which i recently converted...

Started by Lee-Ann on 08/07/2009 in Hot Topics

Last update on 08/07/2009 by Joy


i just found out...

I dont do play groups with tons of mommies involved because i find that some people believe that everything they do with their children is what everyone else should be doing as...


Hello, Just introducing myself.

Hello, my name is Kacelyn and my son Joshua Loring is my miracle. He is my first child, he was born may 29, 2009. I was only 23 weeks pregnant. I had toxoplasmosis which made me...


can i be mom and myself?

i'm almost 20 and i have 6mo. immediately when i found out i was pregnant i felt i needed to dress and look completely different. before i got pregnant i used to take pride in...

Started by Codie on 12/29/2010 in June 2010 Mommas!

Last update on 01/10/2011 by Lisa


Throwing myself out there

Hello! Just found this group tonight so I'm introducing myself. I'm a newly single mother of a girl and a boy who will be 7 and 5 next month. I wouldn't say that I'm happy to...


I blame myself..

I lost my daughter on June 13, 2007 after being born 4 months premature on May 31, 2007. To this day I blame myself for her death. As a mother my job was to keep her healthy and...


is it wrong to want time to myself?

I love my little girl with all my heart and i would do anything for her but she is a handful! she never listens to me and is always pushing her boundaries and i know its normal...

Started by Angela on 09/12/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 08/24/2013 by Heather


Feeling Bad About Myself

I have to get this out because I am feeling a bit down right now. I am a 22 year old single mother. My son will be a year in a week and some change. I love my son more than...

Started by Lauren on 01/20/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 01/20/2011 by Sara Beth


Sooo I found offense in this....

There is a page that you can "like" on Facebook called "Any girl born in the 1990's who doesn't have a kid or pregnant" and my best friend "liked" it and it really hurt my...


Have I completely lost myself?

I currently have an almost 9 month old and am about 3 months along with baby #2. I have been in and out of therapy and receiving meds on and off for around 9 years now. I have...


Hello Moms! im introducing myself!

hello! i just found out about circle of moms looking ideas for my girl's birthday! im Naida, i'm 24 years old, and i have three girls, the older, Cayla, is 8, i found out i was...


17 and pregnant...

so im 17 found out i was pregnant when i was 16 im about 7 months now and due april 20th. i would love to meet other young moms to get advice from.. i only have 2 friends that...


Pregnant, but no baby?

My husband and I were trying to have a baby (my 2nd, his 1st), I took a pregnancy test on Feb 14 and it came back negative, the following evening I took another one and it came...

Started by Nicole on 03/11/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 10/15/2012 by BabyCareBear01

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