Are internet relationships/friendships real ?

I can personally say i have met some amazing people on COM , people i would call friends . But are internet relationships/friendships real ? some people do not believe that it...

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Direct Sales Parties

A blogger I follow asked a question about if it was rude to attend a direct sales party (like Mary Kay) without making a purchase. A small debate broke out in the comment...

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MLMs (Mid Level Marketing) and Pushy Friends

In my circle of friends, many people are becoming involved with MLMs (Arbonne, Mary Kay, various diet shake companies, etc.). I have issues with MLMs and don't like putting my...

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Why was my post removed?

Hi Lora Queen, I had to delete a recent post of yours because it violates the Circle of Moms policy against solicitations. While I'm glad that you're eager to help and share,...


Favorite Trusted Mentors

I've been promoting my business online over a year and just dig it. I was wondering if others would share their favorite sources of info for success in direct sales/ MLM/...



http://www.my.tupperware.com/jennifercress Tupperware actually does better as the economy gets worse. Last year and this year have been really good. In fact, we've grown by...


Mother's Group

Hi All, Please tell me if I am being silly or not. I didnt want to join mothers group originally as I cant be bothered with bitchy women, however I decided to give it a go and...


Send communication ALL YEAR ROUND!

Call me anti-Grinch. I love when I receive holiday cards from vendors, colleagues and other business contacts. What I hate, though, is never receiving any other communication...


Share Your Business!

Greetings Direct Sales Mamas! Over the last couple of days I have been cleaning up this community and either locked old threads or deleted ones where 95% of the posts...



I just recently got married and my husband and I decided that it would be a good idea for me to cut my hours back at work to stay home with our two kids, ages 2 and 6 (in...

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I need a legit work at home job

We can not afford me not to work, but the current situation we're in, we can't afford me to work. I want to be able to stay home as much as possible with my DD. Does anyone have...

Announce your business

If you have a business opportunity please tell us about it. My hope is that we will get lots of Moms that are looking for work from home opportunities in this group. This is a...