New member requesting any advice on how to get there 5year old to learn how to spell!

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Reading yet?

My son can make the letter sounds when he sees the letters but he doesnt know what the letters are? If you tell him to write the letter R he will look at me like im stupid but...


1,2,3 ... A, B, C

Hey! My oldest son just turned 3 in January.. We got him potty trained, thank the Lord! but now we're having problems with counting and the abc's... he can count to 5, and...

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Teaching ABC'S to a 4 yr old.

My hubby and I have recently taken in our precious God-Daughter. We are trying to teach her the alphabet. She knows the song and will sing it all day. However trying to teach...

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Alphabet Games

My youngest is really struggling to memorise the alphabet. Any suggestions for games or activities to make it fun for him to learn. Thanks V.


Does my daughter play by herself to much?

I have a daughter who is an only child. We do many things together...outings to the park, library and wallks, arts and crafts time. But there is time durring the day when I...

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my 7mth old is bored!!!!!!

any suggestions to keep a bored baby happy??? we go out a few times a day, we take walks...but between the naps and eating, i just can't seem to keep him unbored.....anyone...

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Is my child normal?

My son, Kohen, recognizes every letter of the alphabet (he learned them all in two days at the age of 24 months, he would not rest until he knew them all and spent hours jusst...

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1st birthday party

its my little girls first birthday cominh up in febuary and im not too sure what to party wise? suggestions please? thanks xx



My son is 1 years old and im having a hard time teaching him is ABC'S. We can only get him to up to C then he stops. What should i do?

Started by Lakiva on 08/30/2010 in Toddler Moms

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