Plastic Bag Ban

An Ontario MP will introduce a private member's bill Monday that will seek to ban plastic shopping bags across the country. London-Fanshawe New Democrat Irene Mathyssen said...

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Saving money

We cut coupons and go to Sav-A-Lot where they ask you to "pay" for the plastic bags you need; and the you recycle the bags for the next time you go. I see this as a...

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HVR Chicken

Take 1 packet of dry Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, and put it in a 1 gallon plastic bag. Add 3/4 cup of plain bread crumbs. Add your favorite cut of chicken (thigh, etc) one...


Storage for Leveled Books

Does anyone have an idea for my first graders to store their leveled books? We do Readers Workshop and the children need to keep & carry books at their individual reading...

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inexpensive diaper pails

The pail I used for my girls broke while in storage and I am in need of an inexpensive pail for the new baby. I'd like to buy two I use pocket style diapers and want to be able...


What everyday items do you reuse??

I love to reuse! Heres a small list of things I reuse: cereal boxes for gift boxes just add a bright bow, comics as wrapping paper, cut bottoms of milk cartons for bowls, old...

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This post is inspired by Heather Hart's post "Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles". Bubbles are a great summer time activity (and winter too BTW!) so I have a few tips and tricks to share...


Diaper Pail

What type of diaper pail to you use... wet, dry, wet/dry? I will be using prefolds and covers. Any suggestions on type and brand would be great! Thanks in advance.


Best breast milk storage option?

I am pregnant with my second child and was able to breastfeed my first daughter for a year without pumping. Unfortunately, I will have to return to work after 3 months and want...


diaper pails??

I am planning to use cloth diapers with my little one. Any suggestions on what kind of a diaper pail I should buy? How often are you emptying/washing etc.


Diaper pail liner?

Are there any major retailers that sell reusable diaper pail liners? I don't want to go online as I need one asap. Or would it work to make one out of ripstop nylon? Would...


What easy recipes freeze & defrost well?

I almost always cook and eat fresh food. But due to an impending birth, I may need to freeze some meals to make life easier for myself when a newborn comes along. Apart from...