Favorite homemade meal for dinner?

What is your favorite homemade meal for dinner? My fave is chicken quesadillas: chicken cooked and browned in taco seasoning add pinch of cinnamon and chilis. Saute sweet onions...


Stuffed Hamburgers

I am making hamburgers tonight. I want to make stuffed burgers, do any of you have any good ideas? Not too exrensive though.


toddler recipes

I have two toddlers and I keep running out of ideas on what to make them to eat. They're very picky. Does anyone have any dinner recipes?

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Prepared Foods are not really Faster

I don't understand people that eat Mac & Cheese and Hamburger Helper and the like to SAVE time making dinner. Mac & Cheese takes 15 min, Frozen Pizzas take 25 min, Hamburger...


Hate to cook!!!!

I really hate to cook so any recipes that gets me OUT of the kitchen quicker and is easy to do is the best for me... Please send me something to get out of the same ol'...


Healthy meals w/o a stove/oven

Please don't judge me. We moved into our new house about a month ago. It's a rental that didn't come with appliances. We bought a fridge and already had a washer and dryer. We...



I have never enjoyed cooking. When i do cook it's the same thing's over and over spagetti,sloppy joes & baked chicken. The strain of eating out all the time is really wearing...


Looking for fresh and healthy recipes

My husband and I had been feeding our family through convenience (i.e., fast food, meals out of a box) long enough. I decided to put my foot down and started feeding us fresh...


Not going to McDonald's!

Okay, I'm new here and so glad I found a place to converse with others on health food for our children. I'm in a mom's group and lead a table. All the other girls at my table...


Need some help with feeding 1 year old

My daughter is 1 and i need some help on what to feed her for supper. My husband and i usually eat Hamburger Helper and stuff like that ( i am a horrible cook and we both work...


Hidden Veggies

I am looking for some ideas of meals to add pureed veggies to that my boys will actually eat. The only vegetables I can get them to eat is corn and potatoes - not the best...


Favorite Scene or Quote???

When Andy had taped cotton balls on his nipples to keep them from chafing during the race and it didn't work!

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Meal Planning

Hi mommies, I'm facing a bit of a dilemma here. I work all day in an office, and get home between 5:30-6pm. I have to have my 2 1/2 year old son in bed between 8:30-9pm, so he...

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Chicken Recipes?

I'm getting tired of making the same old dishes. I try not to use ground meat, or red meat that often. I try to cook chicken and fish the majority of the time. However, I'm...


losing the baby weight

having a real hard time losing the 20 pounds I put on during the pregnancy.. any ideas I have been watching what I eat and going to the gym but the scale just stays the same..grr


Not able to afford Chistmas

How do I explain to my children that there might not be a christmas if I can't even convince my mother that I can't afford Christmas this year. Its not that I don't want to but...

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