5 YO night time trainers

My 5 YO will occastionally wet the bed, totally normal for a 5 YO boy, I'm not stressed on it at all, he when thru a phase where he didn't want to wear pull ups at night anymore...


anyone making/using cloth trainers?

we are suddenly full force potty training with my not quite 2 year old girl... when she isn't too busy, any little bit of wet means changing diapers. After my floors and couch...


Cloth Trainers

So my 9 month old daughter isn't ready to potty train yet, but I find myself doing the majority of her diaper changes with her standing, and she does use her potty seat from...


Potty training and cloth

My friend is potty training and wants to use cloth. Does anyone have any recommendations for cloth trainers? I have no idea what's good and what's not. Thanks.


Potty training with CDs

I'm using prefolds with pins and plastic covers on my daughter (I know, so old fashioned, but hey, it's cheap!) and I'm ready to start potty training her, but I don't know what...


Potty Training Pull ups

My daughter can pull her pants down, but with my cloth diapers, she can't pull them up and down. Is there a training pant or other cloth type diaper that someone can recommend...


Self potty training at 10 months old

Hi all my daughter is 10 months old and she pulls off her diaper every time she pees in it so I went and bought her some cloth trainer pants for potty train she will pee in the...


Exactly HOW does one potty train?

My 18mth old has started to use the potty after breakfast cos I know she'll need to go then. Other times when she says "poos" I know and she knows that she's going to "go". But...


Potty Training my 3yr old

I have a 3yr old son named Trevor and he has no interest in using the potty. How do i break him of the diaper and start using the potty?

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Potty training

Hi everyone Wondering if you can give me some advice. We have a potty for our 16 month old daughter and she loves carrying it around and sitting on it while saying 'potty' and...

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potty training and cloth diapers

My daughter is 15 months i am not ready for he to tell me she has to go but has had an intrest sitting on the potty so we have been taking her to her potty chair and having her...


How do i start potty training ....

we went through a phase when i'd sit my daughter in the potty just before a bath ....7 times out of 10 she would wee and i would praise her loads and show that she was being...

Started by Catarina on 05/30/2010 in August 2008 Babies

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Potty training yet?

I am not in a rush, but was wondering if any one has started potty training their lil ones. My 18 month old brings me a clean diaper when he soils the one he has on.


Is it to early to potty train?

I want to potty train my 14 month old I have the potty chair out and i let him sit on it.With his clothes on but I tend to think it may be to early.


potty training a 18 month old

i want to try to potty train my daughter who is 18 months old but she dosent understand that the potty is for that reason how can i get it through to her what it's for i put...

Started by Amanda on 12/07/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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