Using pre-fold cloth diapers

My husband and I use the pre-fold diapers and are pretty happy with them, but we're not happy with the rubber pants that we have to put over them and I'm researching new options...


Gerber prefolds

I've been using Indian prefolds for 6 months, but my daughter is starting to need the next size. I have a ton of Gerber birdseye prefolds I got at my showers so I started using...


Prefolds... help me understand

I am a pocket user mostly, but I have a few AIO's and AI2's. What is the deal with prefolds... and what are chinese prefolds? I have some diapers from by baby shower that are...


Most Absorbant Prefold?

My 3 week old is already soaking his newborn insert in Bumgenius at night. I have tried putting in the other insert, but he can't sleep comfortably with his bum higher than his...


Reusable Training Pants

Hi, I have a 2 year old son. I don't want to spend money on pull-ups because they are so expensive. I'd like to get him some reusable training pants, but I don't know what kind...


Plastic pants?

I'm due in April. I've registered for Gerber organic prefold diapers. But my mom is saying that he'll just leak right through them. She mentioned something about plastic pants,...


First Time Cloth user..

Hi moms! I am six months pregnant and my spouse and I have decided to go green as in bank account.. With my first we used the throw aways and I hated everything about them. We...


cloth diaper newbie

I am about 11 years older than my brother and my mama used cloth diapers on him. They were a lot simpler than I have found so far. We just used regular cloth diapers, like the...


so many choices?

Im trying to decide which diapers to get for my first born child. I know im having a boy if that makes a difference to the diapers you choose. I have been looking at the all in...


New to cloth diapering

I am due in October with third child. I am considering using cloth diapers this time. I need some advice on anything and everything concerning CD