In search of GF Egg Noodles

Does anyone have a brand or a recipe for GF egg noodles? I have been looking but have not come up with anything that works.


Favorite GF food

We have a couple of favorites around here. My daughter could live on Amy's Mac and Cheese, spaghetti and Gogurts. I throw in some Carnation instant breakfast b/c it can't...


Need some input on the GF diet

Hi, my step-son was diagnosed with PDD March of 2006. He will be 6 in February. He is a very picky eater. He hates trying new foods. He will gag or make himself throw up when he...


How many of you Wives/Gf....

How many of you cook every night for your husbands? And I mean home cooked meals every night not that pre made frozen crap alot of people seem to buy, AND how many of you send...

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My 6 year old Son was just dx

My son was just dx and it is so overwhelming. I just joined a support group at Childrens hospital in Boston. This is still new to us and any help would be appreciated. He has...


gluten and milk free meals

my 11 year old son is on a strickt diet, excluding gluten and milk. anyone got any good ideas? will be very thankful for all good ideas


Pizza and muffins!

Hey~ We(me and my one and a half year old daughter) have been gluten free for over a year now! I cant even begin to describe how amazing the change is. But I miss gluten filled...


gluten free

I had to take my son in for blood work today. I'll find out on Tues/Wed if he has Celiac's disease and needs to go gluten free. What do I do in the meantime? I looked online...


My daughter is allergic to foods:

She is allergic to: wheat, corn, milk and nuts, she is getting the back pricking done on 28th to see if she is allergic to anything else, any ideas on recipes for gluten free...

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I've seen most of you buy mixes but I'm interested to see if any of you have found some good GF recipes that turn out each time. I added my bread recipie to the lunch box...


new here...

I am the one in the fam that has gluten sensitivity...long story short: i got preg the second time and it started then. i have not been clincally diagnosed with celiac because I...


Gluten Free recipes

I have a hubby with Celiac and my son may possibly have it too (praying not!!). Are there any moms out there w/ good gluten free recipes????