Stepson is driving me nutts

My stepson is a sweet child , I know he is very confussed about the divorce of his parents But I am very tired of constantly being blamed for everything that has happened in...

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i need some help!!!!

my son is 7 weeks and i have held him since he was born and that i need to get alotta stuff done like find and job and stuff i cant cause he cries to be held...he is reall spoil...



My 7 month old son goes into these stares that last anywhere from a minute to 6 minutes. it's scary because there is NOTHING that can be done to divert his attention or "bring...

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Comparing weight

My son was born big... 10lbs 15 oz so he got a head start but my doctor says my son is still very big for his age but the only other kid my baby plays with is only 3 weeks older...


Sippy cup to regular cups...

My son currently uses a sippy cup (Stage 1 cup from Playtex) and I was wondering if there is any point in using the other stages, or if I should just use this one until he's...


Napping schedules for infants

I am trying to figure out eactly how much my 10 week old should be sleeping during the day. She STTN 10pm - 7am, and then has a bottle at 7 am, and goes back to sleep until...


Parenting advice needed please!!!

Ok I need some serious help here if anyone has any ideas please let me know i would greatly appreiate it. I have a soon to be 6 year old boy and he gets up in the middle of the...


Confused and uncomfortable

I never thought I wanted to be a mom. I was happy in my marriage, have a good job, and family. In my early 40's I started to panic and think that there was something missing in...

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My daughter started having seizures 2-3 weeks ago. I'm looking for any support groups out there as we simply have to wait for EEG and the neuro consult. My paedeatritican...


Stranger Danger

This started off as a response on another forum about strangers. It ended up exploding. So here is my rambling rant on why I have issues with "Stranger Danger" In my opinion...


Feeling cheated out of a "normal" delivery

Telling my story is cathartic for me, so if you don't want to read a big story, stop reading now. I should start by saying that Wes is our first child. We had no previous...

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