Glucose Test

Anybody take their glucose test yet? Mine is on Monday the 26th! For some reason I feel like Im not going to pass it! Just a feeling! Im praying I do because I do not want to be...

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Blood Glucose Test

I'm suppose to go to the lab tomorrow to have my blood glucose work done...the nurse told me to fast for 12 hrs beforehand - I completely forgot & had some ice tea after 9. I...


Glucose screening and tolerance.....please read

So.....last week I had my 1 hour test and failed miserably. I believe the norm is between 130-140 and I scored a 185. I had my 3 hour yesterday (not fun at all) and the doc...

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26-28 Appt, What happens?

Anyone know what goes on for the 26-28 week appt? My doctor never tell me what to expect, can anyone help me out and give me a heads up?

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low iron?

Hey ladies, any recommendations for a good iron supplement? passed my glucose test yesterday, but apparently my iron levels were a bit low (which I was surprised at especially...

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need a little help...

I went yesterday for my second ultrasound i am supposed to be 26 weeks and they just checked to make sure the babys kidneys are working properly. But they told me that there was...

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Bloodwork results for Rhogam shots

I went for my Rhogam shot this morning, i'm 28 weeks pregnant with my second child. and had to get a type and screen test done yesterday before i was given the shot. i walked in...

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and the beat goes on.

Yesterday I went to my Centering class and after we all shared our stories of new discomforts and stuff like that my midwife told me she thought I was having Braxton-Hicks...


Newly Diagnosed

Hi , my son was diagnosed on May 5 2009 he is 16. this is all very new to me and i'd love to be able to talk to anyone in the same boat.


To much weight!!

So I had my check-up yesterday and I went in and realized I gained 7 pounds in ONE MONTH!! :( I'm twenty nine weeks and have already gained 28 pounds. :( I passed my glucose...

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Gestational Diabetes at 28 Weeks

I just found out yesterday that I have Gestational Diabetes. I can't have a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, because I have a weird allergy. Any suggestions? Oh! I also can't...


Gestational diabetes

I found out the other day that I had failed my sugar test with a score of 210 :o( I find it really strange that I failed I do not eat alot of sugar (i use to but this...


Anyone have gest. diabetes?

I failed my 1 hr glucose tolerance test 2 weeks ago and I found out today I failed my 3 hr glucose test and now have to go to diabetic counseling and education and test my blood...

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Son is drinking a lot...

My son is 18 months and drinks a lot. We just recently cut back on juice in hopes that he would stop having such full diapers. But he still drinks a lot of milk and water. Just...


Just got my results

Hi Everybody!!! I have a 3 and a 1/2 yr old boy and was GD during my 28 weeks and controld my blood sugar through diet and little excersice..but hated the pricking part...m 9...