Thrift Stores

I am all about Goodwill and Thrift Stores. I love getting a good bargain!

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Shop in Thrift Stores - It's Very Green

On December 3rd a new community, Thrifty Moms are Smart Moms, was activated In Circle of Moms by Amy Hardin Turosak, nom de plume Ms Shopping Golightly of The Thrifty Chicks...

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Where to Thrift

I've always loved to shop at Thrift stores, and feel very blessed that 'grunge' was in when I was in high school. My question is about a thrift stores location. Do you get...


Thrift shopping

I love shopping at thrift stores but I have always been kinda weird about bras and stuff, panties are an absolute NO lol. But im starting to wonder now if maybe getting my bras...


Thift Stores Love em' Hate Em'?

Im sorry to say but with this day and age I have to go to thirft stores. Its unfortunate I can't buy my children the "real deal," but thirft stores to me have gently used...

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I have found that accepting hand-me-downs for clothing and toys is super cost effect. The way in which these little ones grow out of things is incredible. So, just say thank you...

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second hand

i save money by checking out garage sales and thrift stores.

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saving money

I do a lot of thrift store shopping . A lot of people look down on that. With the prices of things today you all most have too.

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Gift idea for your kids

Now that Halloween is over, (Or will be by the time most of you read the post) the costumes will start going on sale. You can make a dress up trunk by getting a plastic tote and...

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Clothing and shoes

I'm sure a lot of people already do this, but I shop for my 9 year old daughter at second hand stores. Mainly Goodwill. There used to be a negative stereotype attached to...

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does anyone else spend all there money on there kids? i never buy anything for myself coz then id feel bad if i needed something for my son.


Cheap Christmas Gifts

Other than shopping at the dollar store, does anyone have any ideas for some cheap Christmas gifts for the kids? Our budget is so tight this year it squeaks and I refuse to deny...


Green Holidaying

There are many ways to make a holiday "green" for your family. Here are some things i do. What other ideas does everyone else have? -Make gifts from reusable containers and...