Allergic Reaction - Rash

My son seems to be having an allergic reaction to something. We're not sure what, but the best we can come up with is laundry detergent (we used a different detergent for one...

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Weird Rashes - Doctors don't have a clue!!!

My 21 month old daughter gets weird rashes on her legs and sometimes stomach and arms. Sometimes it looks like heat rash and sometimes it looks like bug bites. It doesn't seem...

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Really bad diaper rash

Ok my son has had the same diaper rash for about a week. Its red and bumpy and on his whole butt. We've tried changing foods and everything and have gone through 2 tubes of...


Best Diaper Rash Cream?

What is the best diaper rash cream? Already tried Desitin with no improvement at all. This is the worst I have ever seen, her poor little bottom is bleeding.



My now 3 wk and 5 day old son has a constant diaper rash! Since at least a wk old. I have gone through 1/2 a tube of A&D which doesn't work at all and my tube of Desitin has...

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vaseline or powder ??

which do you think is better ?? my daughter is 3 months and she still poops with almost every other feeding and i want to protect her from diaper rashes. so i wondering what...

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any suggestions for bubs itchy skin?

my daughter Grace is 5 months, and has had since birth, dry itchy skin. doctors have suggested just a moisture cream and have also given a mild steroid cream which makes it...

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Can any help me with this?

Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me with this. My daughter who is 5 broke out in a rash and this is the third time since last spring that she has had it. The first 2 times...