gripe water

Does anyone know anything about gripe water? I think my daughter is colicky and have heard about it, but don't know anyone who has tried it.


Gripe Water and breastmilk....

My 2 month old receives breastmilk via bottle, he has reflux and recently became very colic. I got some gripe water gave it to him and it seemed to do the trick. Can I give it...


What age can you give water ?

Hi all My baby is 11 weeks old. He was breastfed but I recently went on antibiotics and was told to stop breastfeeding while I was on them. He had been having a single bottle...



My JB is 1 month old and most days he is great, he eats well and sleeps well. But over the past 2 weeks some days are bad he cries on and off for hours and refuses to sleep is...


Gassy Baby

Hi, my son is a month old and I have tried 2 different formula's for him.. enfamil A+ and nestle good start...also i have used kolic drops and oval drops but he is still really...


Gassy baby

Help!! My 2 week old has such gas that she will not sleep for more than an hour at night, and only a couple hours during the day! I am losing my mind. I have tried the gas...

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Gas Drops and Bottles Question

My daughter is 2 months old today. I posted yesterday about how much she spits up. I experimented with BF and Bottle feeding and she only spits up with the bottles. I am...

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im scared need advice

ok im 20 years old and have a 9 weeks old and we have a specalist apointment because we ahve tried everything and she still has pain full gas her dad has crohn's and im...