Gripe Water

I have heard so many mixed thoughts on Gripe water. what do you think? Have you given it to your child? I have been giving it to my daughter and it really seems to help...

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Gripe Water

I'm thinking of using this since my baby HATES being burped...we try to burp him every couple of ounces due to reflux, but he stiffens up and screams so we sometimes only get a...

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My daughter, first child, was born Sep 19 at 6lb 15oz and 19.7 inches long, she's now 10lb 4oz and 22.5 inches long. She's beautiful, wonderful and colicky. Please reasure me...


13 month old has gas at night time

My 13 month old son sometimes wakes screaming at night and cries for ages, even after I go to him. Even though I give him Gripe water before bed he's still passing lots of gas...


Colic due to gas

Anybody have any ideas about how to deal with a baby who seems to get gas every time he nurses? I've just been giving him Ovol, but I don't like using medicine so much. It...

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Colic ?

My baby girl, Olivia was born on 24th September and is my 2nd daughter. I also have a 3yr old girl. Do any of you have colicky babies? Today, Olivia did not settle from 1.45...


Babies with colic

Any ideas other than cloic drops, our baby has terrible colic what can we do?



My 2 month old has been a little colicky. The doctor has recommended BioGaia, but it seems like it's just making things worse. He wants me to give the drops to her for a week....

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Breastfed baby with gas

My son was born Dec. 17th and is strickly breastfed. I try to not eat things that cause gas, or drink alot of caffeine, but the poor kid still has some really bad gas. I burp...

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Colicky baby..help!

My name is Sandra, 19, and a first time mom. My baby girl Olivia is turning 3 months in 2 weeks. shes very colicky...cries all day.. only very few times when she was calm...


colicky baby

Any suggestions on what to do bfor a colicky or gassy baby?