Do you shop at Walmart?

I don't shop at Walmart anymore. And I feel guilty that I ever did. After learning how unethical and immoral their business tactics are I have a really difficult time even...

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I refuse to set foot in Wal-Mart. I believe they are detrimental to society and vote with my money. What are your thoughts?

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my biracial daughter's hair

My daughter's hair is really dry and I have tried several products and can't find anything that works. I need som good products for her hair. I also wanted to know when she gets...


Hair care for my mixed son.

I have been doing searches on how to take care of my son's hair and all i can find is info on taking care of girl's hair. Does it make a difference if it's boy or girl hair? I...


Very bad dry scalp

My daugther is almost 2 months old... and she has a very dry scalp, we have been using baby oil, but it really isn't doing her much good.... does anyone know of anything else...


fed up

im getting really fed up of people telling me what i should use on my daughters skin/hair, she is bi-racial, her dad is jamaican and he has nothing to do with her so people...



anyone know how to deal with a six year old step child , i have four step children and one child , and i love em all but one of them is very hard work and not necessarily...



Has anyone had heartburn? I know it's very normal & all, but wow! I woke up in the middle of the night last night with the worst I've ever had! Maybe my girls with have a full...

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Any suggestions for Cradle Cap

I was recently told by my child's doctor that she has cradle cap. The doctor suggested that I wash my baby's hair twice a week in Selsun blue. I wanted to know if there is...


How to deal with Cradle Cap

I've heard numerous times about applying baby oil, my question is do u leave it on or leave it for a few minutes and wash it off? I was also told once recently to apply normal...


Tattooed Barbie

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2050491/Tattooed-Barbie-What-message-does-send-young-fans.html This collector's edition Barbie doll has pink hair and tattoos. Even...


What do you think?

Today I was at walmart looking for clothes for my daughter. She's out grown pretty much everything. I found some t-shirts in her size no problem but after walking up and down...

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