Bilingual Babies , Puerto Rican Babies

HI, im kayla i have two boys who are half puerto rican , currently i am the main provider in there life but i want to enlist their culture and language in their life also any...

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What race is ur baby??

my husband is 3/4 white and like 1/4 puerto rican, im like 3/4 hispanic and 1/4 white...so what does that make our daughter?? what do u call ur babies?

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mixed parent to mixed baby

So I am Dominican, Columbia, and Jamaican and my baby father is Jamaican and my son is a mixture of both. Have you ever been places and people think your white or u went out and...


Jamaican Babies :D

just noticed a few people saying their kids are half jamaican and thought we could start a thread. im white aussie and my daughter's daddy (my ex) is jamaican american. my...


color of my baby

I'm irish and puerto rican and my son father is black, my son came out look like me, he deff doesnot look like his father jus his nose and he has a mixute of our hair, cuz...


If the father is not Latino, is the baby?

My husband is white(of Polish decent) and I'm Mexican/Puerto Rican. When I fill out forms can I put that my son is Hispanic/ Latino? I heard that the race of the child is...

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Mixed babies skin color

My daughter is mixed white and black, she will be 1 next month and her skin is still white. Is there a chance that her skin will get any darker or is there a certain age that...


mixed black/white babies

i have a mixed baby im white her dad is mixed with islander black and puertorican but hes not dark hes a mexican brown color with some black features me im white hispanic our...


asked if my baby was adopted

so i was at the shops with my daughter, and an older lady came over and said how gorgeous she is and she looks like a doll etc which was so lovely and then she said "where is...



so my son is 5months . next summer my family wants to take a family trip to dominican republic . he will be about a year and a half by then . IS IT OK TO LEAVE THE US WITH A...

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Flying with my 15month old baby

My 15month old baby and I will be taking an hour and half flight next month. It will be my first time flying with my baby. I still breastfeed. Anyone flown before with their...

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