So, what is everyone doing for the upcoming holiday? I am looking around for the perfect little cowboy outfit, but am now thinking about having him be a sailor again!! I...



Just wondering what everyone's opinions of Halloween are?? I saw a patient the other day (I am a visiting nurse), I mentioned getting ready for Halloween, and he proceeded ti...

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Halloween Decorations

This is maybe a bit more of a rant than a debate... Do you decorate the outside of your house for Halloween? How far do you go, if you do? We really don't do much for...

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Trick or treating manners

So when I was a kid we were taught only to trick or treat at houses with the porch lights on. This was so the elderly, disabled, or otherwise not home people were not bothered....

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Ok so I already know Im an overly paranoid mom when it comes to things such as the h1n1 thats going around, and I had a scary thought the other day.... Is anyone else worried...


Halloween n ur kids

How many still take there kids door to door trick or treating? My neightbor hood is just not that great but i want to take my 3 yr old trick or treating like i use to.

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Babys first halloween......

Halloween is coming up and its our babies first one......just woundering if anyone is dressing up there little ones, and if you are what are you dressing them as......Evan is...


Going Trick or Treating with your Baby

When I was a kid, I remember this was one of my mother's Halloween pet peeves. She felt it was wrong to take your baby out trick or treating and thinks it's just a ploy by the...

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Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Not a debate, just curious. :) I don't think I am, I usually don't. My kids will be, of course. Although I did think about dressing up as a whale - I'm approximately the...

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What do we do on Halloween?

I have done my research on Halloween and decided we won't be celebrating from this year on. Are there any suggestions about what I can do special for the kids on the day and...

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Christians celebrating Halloween?

I was just curious on any ones' take on this highly commercialized event. I grew up not celebrating it yet my husband (who also grew up not celebrating it) loves the costumes...

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How old is too old for trick-or-treating?.

Have you ever looked out your peephole and felt scared of a trick-or-treater? You're not alone. Mayor Mark Eckhert of Belleville, Ill., says he's heard a ton of complaints from...

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What do you do on Halloween?

Do you use it as a chance to spread God's love or lock yourself up in your house? I am looking for ideas to start a tradition for my kids. My oldest is 5...Thanks

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