New mommy- want advice

Hey everyone, I am a first time mommy, and thru a series of unfortunate events (drama drama drama) I resigned from my teaching job, 1st year teaching. I loved teaching and...

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My first grandchild, a girl was born in England, her parents were in the Air Force. She was born in June 2000 and I did not get to meet her until November of that year. It was...


Talking... how many words??

How many Sept babies are talking? And what words or how many words are they saying?? My daughter Abby (9/23) doesn't say anything really. She understands everything I say to...



Hi My name is Mayra and im seeking for advice im really going crazy!! My fiance who i live with and have a 7 mo old baby with has two kids who are 6 and 9. The 6 year old boy...


im trying not @ loose my mind

i love these kids dearing and i give most of my heart to them but me and my boyfriend have lost tuch with each other he works and i stay home with devonia cause my boss fired me...


Having hard time with my son, do you?

My son is 5yrs old, I have NEVER see him act this way and do not know why and where He get this from. I will tell you a little story of what happened the other day. My...

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Pre-Teen Only Child

I have a 10 year old daughter, and I am a single mother of an only child. We are currently in a power struggle. She feels like she has the authority to tell me what to do with...


Childhood obesity and cyber bullying

I was on pintrist today (shocker right?) and saw a pin about how to teach your daughter healthy body image. In looking at the page and some links I came across a campaign that...

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Cry it out

This week my 4 month old daughter's sleeping schedule has been off. I am thinking about having her cry herself to sleep, but I'm not sure how long to let her cry before going in...

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I have 23 month old girl and I am worried about her speech. She only says 11 words nothing else. Do I have to worry? Is there anyone here who has or had the same problem?

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The all-knowing board

Just a clever tip I picked up from the awesome ladies here and I thought I'd share because time after time it saves my ass. Giant whiteboard on the wall just inside my door,...


When did your toddler begin to talk?

My son has just turned 3 years old and doesn't communicate properly yet. He does say words here and there but mostly just babbles to himself or to us on occassion. But I have...

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