He said he was fixed!!!

When i found out i was pregnat I told both of the guys and one said he was fixed. I knew it had to been Dave since Luke was fixed. so when my daughter was born we Dave and I...

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China c section rates skyrocketing!


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At my wits end

My daughter is 17. She hasnt been to school consistenly since they had time off for spring break. She is failing all of her classes. We did get her tegistered for online classes...

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Decorating on a Budget

Here are just a few suggestions based on what my husband and I (who are on a ridiculously tight budget) did this year! We have a four year boy who is crazy into super...

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How to discipline a 14 month old????

My son is into EVERYTHING, he hits everybody he throws his food at me or on the floor he has the biggest tantrums kicking and screaming included and if i take him away from...



has any one had a stillborn baby, and can help me deal with things as its been a year and still doesnt get easier i feel so lost!!


My teenager claims to be athiest.

We have raised our children in a Christian environment and my other two are very aware that God created us but my 16 yr old daughter is not a believer. She is rebelling and...

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New on here

I am new to CMums =) I have one son he will be 4 in Feb 2013 and he has High functining Autisum and Global develpoment delay. My qs is about my almost 8 month old...


Relationship expectations

I was just thinking about how people go into relationships with certain expectations and how often those expectations go unfulfilled. I was also thinking about how oftentimes it...

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Walkers Pros & Cons

My daughter is 71/2 months old & likes to stand up to play with her activity table & also is trying to walk.. I was looking into two walkers.. Little Tykes Grow & Play walker &...

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Bath Time

My little princess was born on March 2. I was just wondering how often you are bathing your little ones?

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10 month old possum baby!

I was on this site reading all these posts about their 10 month old sleeping pattern made me feel worse.... Jacks Routine: 9am: Feed 11am cereal+ 60mls milk and fruit 12...

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Don't know what to do

This is long so bare with me. I have been married for 6 years and am not happy. My husband is not home much he works a lot. (Part owner with his dad) I work third shift (for...

Started by Joanna on 06/23/2010 in Love And Intimacy

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arrowroot cookies/ baby mum mums, when?

Was just wondering as my babe turns 6 months on the 2nd, when is it appropriate to give arrowroot cookies or those baby mum mums for example? Or any kind of finger food for that...

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