dreading going back to work :(

hi there i live in ontario canada and as such have the luxury of being home with my baby till her first bday.... which is fast approaching... with that comes my return to work...

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Teenage tantrum

I realized my son has suddenly changed to be very disrespectful and bad tempered, he has been throwing tantrums over petty matters and he would slam the door very hard.

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Michael Vick...and other felons.

Today during lunch out with my mother and SIL we saw on TV the story of Michael Vick getting back on a pro-football team. For those that may not know, he was convicted of...

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Introduction thread....

So, I am amazed this little group is growing quite quickly, so if you feel like it, this is the place to introduce yourselves, maybe tell us how you found Twilight, where you're...



my son refuses to talk. he understands speech and his hearing is good. he can talk, but refuses to. instead he opts to grunt and whine. how can i get him to talk? please help!!!!!

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Video games

When I met my now husband, neither of us liked the idea of having a video game console in the house, we don't like the distraction is could cause, but the more I see the games...

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need some transition ideas for 3yr step son.

my fiance and i are currently fightng for sole custody for his soon to be three year old. He has been taken out of his mothers care by DoCS (department of community services)...

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Unmotivated Teenager

I have a 14year old son and I am having a terrible time with his laziness in regards to schoolwork, keeping his rubberbands in for his braces, etc.. He is in the gifted and...


Leaving my breastfed baby overnight!

I am 17 and have an 11 month old baby, I am going back to school next month. She was pretty much exclusively breastfed for the first 10 months of her life and has only just...


Just wanted to say thanks.....

.......to my M.I.L for being such a bitch to me for so long, that I'm now having counselling for anxiety. The woman and most of her clan have been out of our lives now for...


Loosing control

Back story - you can skip it if you know me Unconventional childhood--no parents are parent-like adults in the picture, homeless and all that. Long string of bad luck, then...



my husband is trying to keep our daughter from me. He is telling the court I am suicidal. I have already raised my 2 boys to adult hood. My 22 year old just graduated at the top...