What do you do all day?

Ok so my LO is 8 months old almost 9 and I'm a stay at home mom obviously. i was just curious as to what other moms that stay at home with their kids do all day? we only have...

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Molar Miscarriage

How does one deal with the idea that one can not have another baby for minimum a year after Molar miscarriage? And ones body has the potential to have cancer?


elimination communication?

I'm curious if any is using elimination communication with their infants. I've been reading a lot about diaperless babies and am looking for advice and success stories. We're at...


HI all! I'm new to the group.

Thanks Niki for inviting me. I only just made it into the group as A.J. was born on new years eve lol. He is my fourth child. I have Tyson 13 boy, Alexis 10 girl, Ethan 6 boy...


Episiotomy Area Still Not Right

Just wondering if anyone that had an episiotomy or tore (both in my case) are still feeling sensitive down there during sex. It doesn't so much hurt but just doesn't feel right,...


Unwanted Items

I have had quite a few people offer used clothing and baby items for our child in the begining I readily accepted the items sorting through and washing the better quality items....

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Meal ideas for a one year old

Hi, I am stumped. My son is just a year old and not too much of a picky eater. ( fingers crossed). What are the various food that I can give a one year old? are they ready for...


birthing classes

My husband and I have started looking at different kinds of birthing classes. He wanted to do the Lamaze thing but I don't think he knew about any other types of classes out...


Is it normal

Is it normal for my 7month old to like drinking water more than milk??

Started by Danna on 11/12/2009 in Working Moms

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Teeth Grinding

My son is a little over 10 months now. He has 6 teeth and he has recently started to grind his teeth during the day. im concerned because i dont want him to ruin his teeth. i...



wants to no what is the best thing to give a 5 month olds baby for his teeth i have tried panadole teething rings everything but it just seems to kill him so much


hair loss

such an embarassing problem!!! but for the last few months since having my little one(she's 8 and half months!!) i've notice lots of my hair coming out.... no bald patches or...


Delayed teething

Hi everyone, I have just joined the May 2007 babies community. My daughter was born on 12th May 2007, she has only 4 teeth. Anybody experiencing this with their child? Any...

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Beauty Pageants

I'm trying to find a bueaty pageant to start my daught in. She just turned 6mo. and I've heard you can start them as young as 3mo. I've tried finding them online but all I came...

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I have a son, William born in June 2007. He barely says any words. Is this normal?

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is he geting enough

my son is 12 weeks old and really hungry all the time. i really feel like i'm not enough for him and if i don't feed him the odd 5 oz bottle he doesn't settle properly, this is...

Started by Lyndsie on 12/07/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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