Is two months old enough for cereal???

My little one was released from the NICU over a month ago and I was told he should eat every 3-4 hours. Well he never stuck to that, he prefers to eat every 2 hours. At his...

Started by Candace on 07/09/2010 in Moms Of Preemies

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Tantrums already?!!

Anyone else experiencing their one year old throwing a tantrum when you take something away from them or make them stop doing something? I keep telling myself that DS is too...


any other custonal step mum's on here

just wonted to ask ? a custonal is a step mum raising there step kids . i'm a custonal to my 2 step kids who are 6 and 8 and i often feel a bit alone as people say stuff like "...

Started by Sarah on 12/28/2009 in Step Mums

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12 year old son and the computer

Hi -- I'm fairly new to this and looking for advice. I recently found my son looking at some inappropriate things on the computer and don't know what to do. I know that boys go...

Started by Kelly on 12/28/2008 in Kids Over 10

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Bottle struggle

So I have my son (18 1/2 months) down to 1 bottle a day-his morning one. I cut off his nite time bottle the day after he turned 18 months but I am having a really hard time...


Hope Edelman's book

I read a book by Hope Edelman called Motherless Mothers. She also has one called Motherless Daughters that I have not read yet. This author has had a huge impact on my life...

Started by Sharon on 10/24/2008 in Motherless Moms

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my lil girl was born with cmv are there any other mothers out there who also have a child that was born with cmv


My daughter with adhd has been stealing

So my daughter took $150 today from her grandmother's business money that we had at our house and have it out to friends at school today. Thankfully, a mother called me today to...


starting the single mommy path

briefly..found out my husband molested my daughter(his step) a few years ago, she is 12 now. we have 2 toddlers together (3 1/2 and 20 months). the molestation couldve been much...


Ladies, take back your control!

Wow, I am so sad when I see the posts on here. So many of you so young so obsessed with the men in your lives. Past present and future. You ALL can do this. You do not NEED a...