Could I Be Pregnant

I'm kinda confused!! I havent had a period since about the middle of july && aints almost October, which is unlike me cus i always have normall periods, I took two test towards...


work vs. family

This all started in my mind because my little Charlotte is not even a week old...wait. now she's a week old today. Anyway...excuse my sleep deprived mind. My husband's company...

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HELP! Need advice and to vent about co-worker

Ok so I've been at my current place of employment for 2 years now, the 'receptionist' has been here for 5 with no prior experience, no school etc. I have a degree and...

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Need Support about bf vs ff

So i will be going back to work mid january but in a different position. I just recently graduated nursing school and will be starting a position as an RN. I have been...

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So, here's a topic we haven't debated yet! I know we're from a variety of places in this group, so it should give an interesting perspective. Do you think prostitution...

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I just don't feel right about giving my son any more vaccinations. He got his 2 month set. Since that time one of my girlfriends kids had his 6 month shots and was almost...


Culture Crisis vs Health Care Crisis

This has been making the rounds on FB over the past few days. Just wondering what everyone thought about it.... Pictured is a young physician by the name of Dr. Roger...

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Every Mom's horror story

Lisa Kirkman lost her child. This is a story every parent should take heed of though. Her son was visiting his stepfather in Oregon for the summer. He had been talked to by...

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