Concerned Momma PSD

Hello, so my son has been kicked out of several daycares for aggression, hitting and putting children and staff in danger. I completely do not understand this behavior and...


Fine Motor Skills

Just a question,. Every Dr. and teacher my son sees comments how he has really strong fine motor skills. Do autistic children tend to not??



Has anyone tried any homoeopathic remedies for autism or adhd? Its something I am looking into to avoid using regular drugs but my husband is very sceptical. What do you think?


Must I have my 3 year old tested for SID?

My 3 year old daughter are displaying 10 out of 20 signs of hypersensitivity to touch and all 20 signs of hyposensitivity to movement. Some of the touch issues she have does...

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Real words

My son will be 4 this christmas and still has no real words and only communicates with grunts, coughs, screams, behavior, etc.....He consistently uses the sign language for...


What do you think?

I have a 4 year old son who is going through the process of being diagnoised with aspergers. Due to it he has hyposensitive hearing and i find it very difficult to take him...



I'm new to this group and wanted to introduce myself. I have a 3 1/2 yo daughter, Ashlyn, that has been diagnosed with SPD. We have suspected that something was 'wrong' since...


sippy cup problems

i was wondering if any of yall have the same problem i am having with my 3 year old autistic son. he uses these gerber sippy cups and has since i got him off the bottle. we have...


need some advice...

I"m debating on weither or not to take my 2 1/2 yr old son to a DAN doctor....does anyone take their children to one? any positive result? negative results


Sensory Diet

My son has Aspergers and when he started kindergarten a few years ago I was asked if he was on a sensory diet. (he's 7 now) I said no. But he refuses to eat a lot of things....


Bedtime routine

My son just turned 1 on June 3rd and I'm still struggling with establishing a bed time routine. He likes to take baths but his skin has always been just a little dry so I tried...

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Riding a bike.

My son is 8 years old and still cant ride a bike without training wheels. He has aspergers. We have been working on it this summer. We are moving into a new house and will...


holding a pencil

my son is 6, does anyone else have problems trying to teach ur child to hold a pencil. he just can't seem to get the hang of holding the pencil the right way, entire palm as in...