What are your thoughts on spanking?

I'm just wondering what the general thought is on this. You hear so many issues on it, what do you think about it with your kids? When do you start it, why, and what for? If you...



Since we have so many new members on here now I wanted to ask everyone to introduce themselves and tell us when you first noticed symptoms of bipolar in your child and what...


The Journey to Diagnosis

I have been on a neverending journey to get my son diagnosed. He has all Asperger symptoms and I have heard everything from PDD-NOS to Asperger's and then get passed to the next...



Hey everybody, it just came to mind that it might be a good idea to intoduce ourselves and give a little background. I'll start! My name is Becca and I've been married to my...

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Anyone have kids on Focalin XR ?

My soon-to-be 9 year old son has been taking Focalin XR 20 mg each morning. The problem is, it seems to only last about 5 - 6 hours. The XR is supposed to be extended release...


Passing our fears/hang-ups on to our kids

At a recent story time at our local library, they did a bug theme. This meant that all the stories and songs were about bugs - The Very Hungry Caterpillar, There Was an Old...

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My 2 year old hoarder!

I have a little girl about to turn 2 on April 30th. She sleeps in a toddler bed and goes to bed at 7or 8pm-ish and wakes around 7am-ish. She usually sleeps through the night...



So I started watching pregnancy and mummy vlogs on Youtube about 18 months ago. It's actually quite a good community of supportive women (most of the time). Yesterday news...

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