A little prayer for a very sick girl

I just want to ask you all out there to say a prayer for Aillidh Kinnaird, Aillidh is 9 years old and has luekemia, she has had a successful bone marrow transplant but got a few...

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Just an introduction!

Hi everyone! My name is Olivia and my daughter Adilene was born June 9th, 2008. She was born with Gastroschisis. That is where the intestines are outside of the body at...

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My daughter was admitted to the hospital on June 30th 2006 because she had a low blood count, the doctors did all sorts of test on her, but it took them 2 months to find out...



Hello. Just saying hello for the first time. I am Anyua and my 6 year old daughter, Jaiya has been dealing with the disorder since she was 16 months old. On December 10, 2013...


I haven't been here in a long time but...

I just need to get this out, my friends daughter had AML , got a bone marrow transplant which is taking but has had a number of infections, is now on a ventilator, had the last...


My son and Neutropenia

June 20th: CBC~ everything was okay until they got to the White Blood Cells. Normal White blood Cell low-- 6 HIM---5.9 (he is considered borderline low) They found an issue...



Here is my story. June 20th: CBC~ everything was okay until they got to the White Blood Cells. Normal White blood Cell low-- 6 HIM---5.9 (he is considered borderline low) They...


Newborn diagnosed with SCID "bubble boy" syndrome

Hello to all...my daughter Riley born July 15th of this year was diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency and admitted to UCSF Childrens hospital August 9th where she...

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Cyclic Neutropenia

Hi Im Jen and have a daughter Hope who was diagnosed with Cyclic Neutropenia. Its one of the rarest forms of Neutropenia with an incidence of 1 per million. Looking for any...



My daughter was born with Retinoblastoma. She is doing well now but I wanted to see if anyone else had kids going through this type of cancer...


Autoimmune Neutropenia

My son was just diagnosed with autoimmune neutropenia (after his send hospital stay in a month). Anyone else dealing with this? I would love to hear what others have...


dog farts

i know a few people work with animals here, so i have a question for ya!! my dog has been really gassy for a couple of weeks now. is that a bad sign? he acts fine, he just...

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Please help my son, his butt is bleeding

My son is 7 months old and has three doctors, and not one of them has been able to really help with his problems. I am hoping that someone here will have heard of something like...

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I feel alone! papular urticaria......

I feel like an old mule whose been plowing the field for the last two years. To make a really long story short, I believe my son's insect induced papular urticaria comes from a...


Male circumcision a 'surgical vaccine'

The global fight against HIV/AIDS has found a powerful if unfashionable ally in male circumcision. Research into the spread of the virus in Africa has revealed a reduced rate...

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