Are internet relationships/friendships real ?

I can personally say i have met some amazing people on COM , people i would call friends . But are internet relationships/friendships real ? some people do not believe that it...

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you say "girlfriend" I say "friend"

One of my friends thinks my friendship with his girlfriend is equivilant to dating. I disagree. He asks if we can have that kind of relationship that he calls "dating" and I...



May 27, 2011 Lonely Amy Carroll “Turn to me and show me your favor, I am lonely and hurting.” Psalm 25:16 (NIRV) Lonely. It’s not a word I thought I’d ever use...

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friends of the opposite sex .

What's behind this impulse to deny male-female friendships—or to thwart them? Before the 20th century, when the chief obstacle to cross-sex friendship was a structurally...

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I have 3 kids aged 8 6 and 4, and since having kids i've noticed that i have fallen out with a lot of people i used to be friends with. it leaves me with the good friends that...


I'm not sure if my boyfriend like my son

I'm very confused about how my boyfriend feels about my 9 year old son. Sometime I feel like he picks with him to get him in trouble.... Like he will coming saying lil things to...

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Is it ok to have friends with benefits?

I am recently widowed and have been unable to meet anyone who really clicks with me. My husband was an attentive guy (lol) and left quite a gap in my life in the sex department....

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Oral sex is not sex

My 23 yr old daughter and I were conversing about how teens and young adult believe that oral sex is not sex. She believes that intercourse is the only type of sex because is...


Torn up about my husband.

******** Update: Thanks to everyone for their support and advice It seems the storm has passed. After months of struggling my husband finally talked to his friend. This...

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Intimacy Issues...Anyone else??

Ever since the birth of my second son, it feels like our sex life has gone down the toilet and I know its my fault. It doesn't seem to matter what I try, I just don't feel the...

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Husband problems- please help

I am having problems with my husband and not sure what to do. We have two kids 18 months, and 6 years old. I work 2 part-time jobs, clean house, cook dinner, and take care of...


open marriage..

i am hearing more and more people saying this is the way to go...no thank you...what happened to the forsaking all others?..i would just like to hear what is so great about...

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Losing the Meaning of Sex

I've been doing some thinking. And I realized this..... Nowadays, many kids have sex in high school and even middle school. This is nothing new. After many years of seeing...

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