Mirena, Depo, Implanon, The pill

This is a post that some moms may have something to add to. Recently a friend of mine, Was rushed to the emergency for what she was diagnosed with as Pelvic Inflamatory Disease....

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birth control question?

I had my baby 2 weeks ago... and i dont want to get pregnant anytime soon. So i want to go on birth control and im not sure if thats okay so early after having a baby? if it is...


Not able to take birth control?

I can’t take any form of birth control, even the ones that release the smallest amount. They all make me constantly bleed & I’m anemic which the constant bleeding makes it...


IUD troubles...

I got an intra-uterine device after the birth of my second daughter. This seemed the perfect solution for me b/c I can't remember the pill, didn't want shots, can't stand the...

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Birth Control..

Anyone have any advice on what's the best birth control. I just had my first baby about 5 weeks ago and just wondering what's the best way of not getting pregnant anytime soon!


Cash for Long term/Permanent Birth Control

http://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/-/world/8153309/drug-addict-takes-cash-for-vasectomy/ Drug addict takes 'cash for vasectomy' A drug addict has become the first man in Britain...

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Birth control a sin?

I saw this question in a response to a different question and I am curious to know other Christian ladies opinions. Do you consider birth control a sin? (medication birth...

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