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My son recently turned 1 in february and his tongue tied. REcently he has become extremely constipated and every poopy is rock hard with blood iv given him over the counter...


Need Help.

My daughter has been constipated just about her whole life. She is 5 months old. I have done everything the doctors have told me to do and she is still not pooping on her...


miralax help

ive heard alot of mums suggest miralax for babys constipation my daughter is 18 mths now and nothing works i need something quick now as shes suffered long enuf but im insure of...


help me please!!

My baby is very cranky and i having a hard time pooping.. i stopped feeding him rice cerial, i also am currently giving him gripe water, and sometimes a bottle with sugar in it....


Need help dealing with constipation

hi, my little angel is now 10 months old and is going through the motion of weaning. Unfortunately of late he has been getting constipated. I've tried prunes, prune juice,...


Need help asap

My sister stopped breastfeeding her 3 week old baby, they put her on enfamil formula and she started having a hard time pooping. They've switched to Nestle Goodstart but her...


constipated baby.. help !!

Amelia is 7 weeks and has been on formula for 3 weeks. up until now we have had no problems but since last night she has been constipated. she has been pushing and farting...


Baby pooping issues- help!

Here's my question: My 7 week old son has the same issue with pooping and he is pumped breastmilk and formula fed. We use similac sensitive powder (mixed in a dr. brown's...

Started by Lindsay on 03/16/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 03/16/2010 by Victoria


help with COLIC !!!!

my little boy is 8 days old and HAS TERRIBLE COLIC i have tried infocol dentnox changed his bottles to the expensive ones with valves nothing seems to work and its HORRIBLE...

Started by Nicola on 09/16/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 12/17/2015 by Kaija


Baby constipation help?

Hey there. My 6 1/2 month old just started baby food a couple of weeks ago. The pediatrician told me to take one at a time to make sure she wasn't allergic to anything and in...

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Started by Holly on 06/01/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 06/09/2010 by Jessica


need help on constipation

i have a premature one month and a week old son. he has never had any problems even since the day he was born and since hes came home has put on weight wonderfully. however...

Started by Jacqueline on 10/25/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 11/01/2009 by Rikki

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