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Home remedies for Pain Relief

I apparently heard a long time ago before I was pregnant that certain things in cherry juice (and cherries in general) help reduce pain. So I started to drink cherry juice again...

Started by Tamara on 06/12/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 06/16/2010 by Niki


Pelvic pain. Any relief suggestions?

Hi All. I've got 6 weeks until the DDay and I have been having a lot of lower pelvic pain. The intensity has increased now and it hurts while walking or positioning, but not...

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Started by Christal on 02/24/2009 in April 2009 Babies

Last update on 03/06/2009 by Deez8882001


natural relief for teething?

so im just wanting to know, what kind of homeopathic, natural, or old passed down/indian remedies does anyone use for a teething baby?

Started by Crystal on 11/10/2010 in Teething

Last update on 11/17/2010 by Arlene


kind of personal!!!

hey everyone I have a private question and none of my girlfriends know what I am talking about since they are ok........... so here it is. After I had my first child who is now...

Started by Samantha on 06/02/2009 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 06/04/2009 by Sarah


Painful Gas

Hello-anyones babies scream in pain with gas? I have twins and I feel so bad for them I am exclusively breast feeding and pumping using Dr Browns bottles


Hip Pain

Does anyone have ideas on getting relief from severe hip pain? The doctor said it is because the baby is on my sactic nerve. Pain extreme at night when trying to sleep.. Heat,...


Wrist pain??

Did anybody's wrist start to hurt after giving birth? Or does anyone have carpal tunnel? Any homeopathic remedies to help?


pelvic pain

This is my second child [I'm 33 weeks & 3 days]. I'm having really bad Pelvic pain [around the groin area] it's so bad sometimes I cry..It's hard to sleep, walk, get up, etc......


Painful gas

My little guy is 13.5 weeks old and is trying to figure out which muscles he needs to use to effectively push out gas and poops. He has been miserable since Saturday, prompting...


pain in ribs...?

it really hurts only on one side sometimes sharp pain other times a dull constant ache... its keepin me awake... im very uncomfortable cant stay still very long any suggestions...


Son in pain?

My son has not slept through the night since he was 3months old. He often wakes up once or twice during the night for a bottle and then goes straight back to sleep until the...


Oh, the pain.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding my new daughter for six weeks now. She is getting plenty to eat and is growing like a weed! However, I'm still experiencing a great deal...

Started by Christina on 07/10/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 07/15/2009 by Katrina


Kind of long-Heart issues

Ok so this is my second pregnancy, my son is 17 months right now and running around like a maniac. Yesterday, when I went to take a nap(I'm 17 weeks pregnant btw) My heart...


Back pain anyone?

I am 23 weeks pregnant with my 5th child.I had my first daughter 8 months ago,and with this one there is lots of discomfort and back pain.I have been looking into massages,but I...

Started by Andrea on 11/04/2010 in Expecting

Last update on 11/06/2010 by Aicha


epidural pain equal to spinal tap pain?

i was very sick a few winters ago, and had to have a spinal tap done. i dont mind needles so i didnt think it would be a big deal, only they had the er doc do it instead of the...

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