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Kindergarten - to hold back or not

I have a June 2004 boy - I'm getting so much mixed advice about holding him back. I wasn't planning on it - my daughter is in kindergarten now and I like the idea of the two...

Started by Julie on 11/28/2008 in Kids Born In 2004

Last update on 07/30/2015 by Cmiller292007


Daughter Is Having Problems in Kindergarten

I was homeschooling my oldest daughter for kindergarten this year. We moved out of state back in December, and finally closed on our house and moved in in late February. Both my...

Started by Myra on 03/30/2014 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 04/07/2015 by Adrian


Kindergarten - class clown

So it appears my son is a class clown and really does not listen when told to stop, he is very young and a little immature so I think this is lending itself to his actions. I am...


Oldest or Youngest in kindergarten

My 4 yr old will be turning 5 one week before the cut off to enter kindergarten. Any advice on whether I should hold him back a year or have him start at the age of 4? I have...

Started by Amy on 02/20/2009 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 12/17/2014 by Larissa


"Mandatory All Day Kindergarten"???

I am in College and I am doing my thesis on "Mandatory All Day Kindergarten" We don't have Manditory kindergarten in general in Indiana. I would like to know what you guys...

Started by Holle on 03/05/2010 in Kids Over 10

Last update on 04/23/2010 by Sheryl


Full day Kindergarten

My son will be starting Kindergarten in Fall of 2009 and will be required to go full day. I have really mixed feelings about this. Our kids are only kids for a short time and I...


Held back in Kindergarten

Have any of you had your child held back in Kindergarten?? My daughter has been held back, a decisions made by both her teacher and my husband and I because she is a...

Started by Crissy on 06/07/2010 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 11/21/2012 by Carla


Cop handcuffs Kindergartener

A Georgia cop who handcuffed a tantruming kindergartner is in the middle of a hailstorm of criticism this week. So I'm going to do this poor guy a favor. I'm not going to add to...

Started by Katherine on 04/17/2012 in Hot Topics

Last update on 08/27/2012 by User


How to approach kindergarten

My 5 yr old will be starting kindergarten in August. She is already reading simple chapter books and spelling 8 + letter words (firetruck, rainbow, invited, etc). She's also...


Worried about kindergarten- Gifted?

Hi everyone. I'm new here. I think my daughter, Serena, is gifted. But I'm just now exploring this. Maybe you could read and let me know what you think? By 18 mo. she knew the...



So my son started Kinder in Aug. and I thought that he would have a blast with an awesome teacher and kids his own age and doing fun stuff..... but in actuality his teacher is...

Started by Christina on 01/19/2010 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 12/25/2014 by Katie


anger management skills for a five year old.

any suggestions on how to teach a five year old anger management skills, my son goes to school this year and am scared that he will get himself into trouble. It's getting quite...

Started by Jodi on 01/27/2009 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 11/18/2011 by Sharlene


Repeat Kindergarten? I need advice!

My son's birthday is in September and he started Kindergarten this year. He did 2 years of preschool and we felt that he was more than ready and he has ready enjoyed going to...

Started by Tamara on 03/16/2012 in School-Age Kids

Last update on 03/03/2013 by Tianni


Skipping PreK and Kindergarten

Some mothers on other groups have said they are going to "skip" school until first grade because their children already know ABCs, 123s, and colors. They get social time with...


Getting ready for Kindergarden

I am trying to find information on what to teach my daughter for Kindergarden. I need to ask for early enrollment (she misses the cut off date by 6 days). I feel she is ready...

Started by Jane on 11/08/2009 in Mamis Latinas

Last update on 12/07/2009 by April

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