lab grown meat....would you eat it??

prime.peta.org/2010/04/would-you-eat-lab-grown-meat i was listening to a woman from peta today in a radio interview about the reasearch into growing meat in labs to make "kind...

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Cultured meats

OK... vegetarians aside... I'm desperately trying to wrap my head around this. Frankly it hasn't sunk in yet....

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what to do about meat!!

my 9 month old is going through a BOX of baby cereal a day! He eats his fruit and vegetables, loves his apple sauce and bannanas but REFUSES to eat meat. My doctor told me that...


Petrified Mommy =(

My neighbors just showed us a pic of their new puppy they picked out....it's a PITBULL! We have 3 kids and only a chain link fence separating us. Their favorite tree to climb of...


How far is too far?

What are your opinions on Genetically Modified Organisms? When has it gone too far? Forcing foods on people with out their consent or acknowledgement that what they are eating...

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Keeping dogs for hunting purposes.

On the heels of the keeping the dogs chained thread... Where I live many many people use hound dogs for hunting deer. They call it "dogging". They usually have more than one...

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So, I wanted to HEAR what others do or think. I love animals, dont get me wrong -- but I have my limitations of what I would allow in my home. I have a bird, and had two others...

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Small Sept. Babies??

My daughter is very small for her age. She was born on the 7th of Sep. at her last well check in December she had just reached 20lbs. She is in the bottom 10% for her weight and...


Guns in your home

Ok, so I am scared to death of guns. I will never have one in my home. I do understand why people feel they need them for protection....but what about the kids? I know they...

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