advice on getting my son a caged pet

Hi my son is 10 years old and he really wants a ferret but his dad had one and i hated the smell and it had problems so beside a bunny lol what do you think i should get him...

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pets you will allow vs. not allow

what pets would you allow your kid to own? my mom would never allow an animal that required a cage! (i.e. rats, hampsters, etc..) though after bugging her non stop for about 2...

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Need advice about combo vaccine 5 in 1

Dear moms, This month my DD will have her DPaT, Polio (IPV) and HIB vaccines and the pediatrician told me she will use the combo vaccine 5 in 1, which is a recently-introduced...

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Kids and death/pets

My 3 and 4yr olds just learned about death last week, whentheir pet rat got sick suddenly and died. what do you say to console them?

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Animal Experimentation

Is it morally acceptable to experiment on non-human animals to develop products and medicines that benefit human beings? For many centuries people have experimented on...


What was your child(rens) 1st pet?

Our children are 4 year old daughter and 7 1/2 year old son. My hubby and I have been talking about getting our children a pet but we live in a small apartment so we dont have...

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We really want to get a pet?for an 18 month old

my son loves cat's and always meyaws when he see's one but he loves dogs im a bit worry'd about it thought as what to get ect ect and if he is to young and might be a bit rough...

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Do you have animals?

I wanted to get my daycare kiddos an animal but not sure what. Needs to be something that is pretty easy. I was thinking hermit crabs, but then someone mentioned a snake. I...



Ok so I live in a zoo. Well not so much anymore. Our dog and bird are gone but all our cats are here! Do you have pets? Are there any you wouldn't have just because you have...

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Thinking of getting a family pet?

There comes a time in a family’s life when you may consider getting a pet. Inspired either through childhood memories of your own furry friend or by constant pleading from...

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I know us pet loving mommies are out there some where. How many pets do you have and what species? ;)


pets and children

anybody who has pets in their children's lives, in their houses or around? i would like to hear some stories on the importance of their furry friends, and all the funny things...


Animal Names!

lets have some fun with this! What are some fun names youve named your pets and how/why did you come up with it? i just recently adopted a cat from the shelter...had the...

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