So what did everyone get for Christmas?

What was your favorite present that you received? I got a GPS! It's fantastic, and now I won't get lost all the time (because honestly, it happens ALL the time lol)

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Am I wrong for wanting to drink?

Why isn't there a kid friendly venue that allows sahm's to drink and socialize with other mothers? I need to get out of the house and I'm soo bored with kiddie activities. I...

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where do you go to meet people?

I'm a SAHM, and we're about to move from Virginia to Missouri in a month or so and I'm wondering where to go to meet people with kids my son's age, 1. I thought it was hard to...

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Home School, Public School, Private School, All Male School, All Female School All have different pros and cons - which do you think is best? Which do you think would be more...

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Is she yours?

Does anybody else have he problem with first thing people ask you is Is she yours? It aggravates me because they are only asking because she is biracial. As if they have to...


Let's introduce ourselves!

Hi everyone,
Welcome to the June 2007 Babies community, where we chat about our June 2007 children and whatever else is on our minds!
To get things started, I...

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I can't cook. Please help.

I am a really bad cook and I have a family that I have to cook for. I only know how to make a few things, so it seems like we are eating the same thing every week. Any one have...