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Simple nacho dip

1 Lg. container low fat cottage cheese (plain) 1 160z container low fat sour cream 1 pkg taco seasoning mix 1 Lg. pkg shredded cheese (chedder or mexican flavor) Lettuce...


Crock-Pot Lasagna

I know what you are thinking.....lasagna in a crock-pot, that cannot be good. I promise you will NEVER want to eat "regular" lasagna again!!! • 1 lb ground beef, browned...


Lazy Lasagna in the Crock Pot

* 1 pound hamburger * 1/2 pound ground Italian sausage * 1 onion chopped * 29 ounces tomato sauce * 4 cups grated mozzarella cheese * 1 1/2 cups cottage...


Lazy Lasagna

1lbs of ground beef 1 pk of pre cooked lasagna noodles (wont use whole box) 1 container of cottage cheese 1 motzerella ball (or brick) 1 can spagetti sauce (pref. 3 cheese) 1....


Spaghetti Squares

300 g spaghetti, uncooked 1 lb. lean (extra) ground beef 1 red pepper, chopped 1 jar (700 ml) pasta sauce (or can) 1/3 cup parmesan grated cheese 2 tbsp. butter or margarine 2...



Anyone have an easy lasagna recipe? Not vegetarian, needs beef. I used to use the one on the back of the box of noodles, but the store doesn't carry those noodles anymore lol


Easy Lasagna

Lasagna Noodles uncooked jar of spaghetti sauce container of cottage cheese parmesan cheese shredded cheese cooked hamburger In a glass pan, layer all the ingredients...


Homemade Lasagna and Pizza

Anybody have any simple/easy recipes for homemade pizza and lasagna? Tried the boxed lasagna and my son wouldn't eat it. My family loves pizza so I want to try my hand at...


Rice Lasagna

main meals POINTS® Value: 6 Servings: 8 Preparation Time: 0 min Cooking Time: 15 min Level of Difficulty: Easy Course: main meals Ingredients 1/2 cup Egg Beaters...


Needing Easy Super Ideas

I'm not the best cook, I'm trying to find recipies that are easy for me to prepare for super (having a 8 month old at home.) Any quick and easy ideas? Help Me Please!!


Sheppards Pie -

I have an idea of how to make it, but I would love all suggestions please. Feeding 5-6 people and have either 2-4 lbs. of beef & lots of instant potatoes!



I am looking for any kind of casseroles. i am a mother of 5 and wanna try something different for supper. thanks


foods to freeze

I want to make several dishes and freeze individual portions for someone who doesn't have an oven, just a microwave. He especially likes pasta, but a variety of ideas would be...


quick and easy Dips

have a big family, with lots of birthdays, what is a easy dip to make in a second,that is easy,cheap and good?


Lunch Ideas??

I'm at home right now and my oldest is just turned 2 in November. I'm trying to think of new lunch/snack ideas but kind of stuck in a rut. I feel like we're just rotating thru...

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Freeze Ahead Meals?

I'm going to be having my third child soon and would love to stock my freezer with healthy home made meals now. Can you share any recipes? Thanks so much!