Italian Pulled Pork

5-6 lbs pork roast 6 chicken boulion cubes 2 cups water cook in crock pot for 8 hours After roast is cooked remove juice and shred pork (do not discard) Add 4 Tblsp...


Pork Sirloin Ideas

I bought 4 lbs. of boneless pork sirloin today and am not sure what to do with it. I could cut part into chops and leave some as a roast. It's actually in three pieces in the...


Vanessa'a BBQ Roast

This is a very simple and oh so delicious BBQ Roast. It kinds is like pulled pork. INGREDIENTS: 3 lbs. chuck roast, 2 tbs dijon mustard, 1/2c. red wine vinegar, 1/2 tsp...


Crock Pot Pulled Pork

This is a recipe I found on Recipezaar. I use recipezaar for every recipe I need. It's a great recipe site and the rating system makes picking a tastey recipe a breeze! I find...


Pulled Pork Recipe

I am wanting to make pulled pork sandwiches for my son's first birthday party. There will be 8 adults attending. I have never made pulled pork and want a simple but yummy...


BEST Pork Tenderloin :D

It's actually pretty easy...and if you serve it with mashed potatoes...ohhh my goodness :) It's amazing! Ingredients: Servings: 8 Servings Size *...


Feeding 9 people

I have no idea what to make for dinner there will be 9 people. Any suggestions?


my husband loves ribs!

does anyone have a great slowcooker ribs recipe? i have tried 2 that were very good, but would like to try something else. any suggestions?


Your favorite dinner reipies

I have an itch to make something new and to expand my recipie box. What is your favorite recipie to make for dinner? I will let you know how they turn out thanks everyone!!! ;o)



I don't have many recipes of my own yet...looking to find some new ideas!


Ground venison - Aaaagh

My family are avid hunters and that means we get alot of game in our freezer. Saying no thank you we dont care for it doesn't work... So to rid my freezer of ground...


Crock Pot dinners

I have a daycare with 7 small children. I have 5 of my own and one grandson. My girls play softball and are football trainers for our high schoo team. I have no time to cook...


crock pot recipes

I am a mom that works the night shift. Are ther any good recipes I can make with the crock pot while I sleep a couple of hours when I get off work?