One on one time

How much one on one time do you spend a day with your child/children?

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Wife of a reservist....

I am a wife of a United States Navy reservist.. I am also a military brat, My husband is deployed, Being a military brat I know how to deal with the stress and loniness that...


Please help. I need advice.

My 3 year old son with in the last week has become uncontrolable . He doesnt listen and he just seem to have an outragiously level of energy and it seems to get worse by the...

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Any SAHM miss working??

I love my son but i miss working too. I miss making and spending my own money and also having interaction with the outside world (sigh) Do you stay at home moms miss working...


My husband thinks I'm lazy...

Dont even know where to begin. I work from home and try to keep the house clean, keep up with the laundry and dishes, cook dinner, go to the grocery tore, etc. my husband comes...


Introduction and missing teaching

Hello everyone. My name is Roberta and I am the mom of a 3 month old baby boy named James. I am obviously still on maternity leave and am enjoying my time with my son. At the...

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Hyper Active Child..need some advice

Okay so I have been getting some awesome advice from everyone about my son and his sleeping and potty training..Which we are going to try everything everyones recommended..The...

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Legal and Other Advise for My Kid's Dad

My story is somewhat similar to some of the other gals' posts on here. Her Dad had unsupervised visitation for the first time last weekend in about a year by his own choice. I...


Over protective father

My ex is putting ideas in my kids head especially my son who is 10 that he should not walk home from school or a friends house alone, and that I should pick him up. I know the...

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16 year ole paternity case?

I brought my now 16 year old daughter into this world without the financial or emotional help of her biological father. He has never even acknowledged her let alone paid any...

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hi mums and dads

hi everyone, would like to tell you a bit about my 2 children who both have vision impairment... and would like to know if any of your children have the same condition....would...


am doing the right thing by my son

me & son sons dad have not been together since i was pregnant due 2 many reasons. when my so was 1st born he had a partner who he was engaged 2.. he saw my son once or twice...


out of routine...?

My son gets the recommended amount of sleep for a kid his age, but he doesnt get it at the normai time fram. His father works late nites and i am a nite owl so he is too. we put...

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Mission Impossible Moms!!

Hi everyone ...From everyday chores that start with kids wining about school and having to snatch them out of bed and driving them to school while struggling to keep your cool...


terrible twos...at 1 years old? HELP

Tristan turned 1 on 6/11. and i hope i'm not the only one having trouble with their 1 year old. he's refusing to eat anything (he IS teething, getting his eye teeth and 6...

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